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We've tried to make Inochi Project easy to use but we know that sometimes things can be confusing. That's why we've done our best to answer some Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is Inochi Project ?

Inochi Project is a free to play, online battle game where you play as robot animals called AniMechs against servants of the Rust King. It can be played in a web browser and soon will be available in the Apple App Store. The recommended web browsers are Chrome or Firefox.

What is an AniMech ?

AniMechs are the robot animal stars of Inochi Project. Each AniMech has its own special ability that it uses in battle:

  • Gorilla - Endurance
  • Chick - Speed
  • Panda - Strength
  • Croc - Intelligence
  • Rabbit - Luck
  • Tiger - Skill

Every AniMech is made up of six body parts each giving ability points of the AniMech type. As the table above shows, Gorilla has the Endurance ability and Chick has the Speed ability. But what if Gorilla had his legs swapped with Chick?

Players begin Inochi Project with all six parts from the AniMech they choose, but as new parts are unlocked in battle players can customize by swapping parts (and abilities) from other AniMechs!

What is Customisation ?

Beating Rust opponents in battle will strip the rust from their limbs, make them shiny again and unlock them for use! New parts will appear in the Customiser where they can be bought and equipped.

Each part brings ability points from that AniMech type. Swapping limbs creates AniMechs with a range of abilities which is crucial to fight some of the harder opponents. The Customiser shows the strength of each ability.

A plain bronze Gorilla has all of its ability points in Endurance.

Swapping arms with Chick loses a few Endurance points but gains points in Speed

An AniMech with both Endurance and Speed will be stronger against a wider range of Rust opponents. The Cog of Dominance explains how abilities compare to each other.

What is the Cog of Dominance ?

The Cog of Dominance is the key to winning battles in Inochi Project and saving the AniMechs from the Rust King.

The arrows around the Cog show how abilities' power compares with the others. Starting with Endurance and following the arrow we can see it's strongest against Speed, pretty good against Strength but by Intelligence it's getting weaker. The further around the Cog we go, the less power Endurance has.

Endurance is at its weakest against Skill, so Gorilla AniMech is going to be hopeless against Tiger! But because Skill is only one arrow step away from Endurance, playing Tiger against Gorilla is much easier!

So what if you are playing against a Rust opponent which is part Gorilla and part Rabbit? This is where the Customiser will save you. Tiger is strongest against Gorilla, but weakest against Rabbit. But Croc is strongest against Rabbit! If you add a few Croc parts to your Tiger you'll be strong against the Rust and you will prevail!

That might take a while to remember. Is there an easier way?

Every move the player makes causes a strength indicator to appear. This shows how well the move took advantage of the Cog of Dominance effect.

As the Cog of Dominance picture showed, each ability is strong against some and weak against others. If Strongest or Strong appears then the opponent's ability will have been one or two steps clockwise from the player's ability. But if Weak or Weakest appear then the opponent's ability is further around the Cog of Dominance and the player needs to use a different ability to sap the opponent's power!

If Weak or Weakest is shown, try using moves with a different ability or changing the AniMech's limbs in the Customiser. 'How do I select a move in a battle' explains more about this.

What is The Rust ?

The Rust is a mechanical malaise that turns AniMechs from the kind, shiny robots of Inochi Project into the Rust King's minions.

At first the Rust went almost unnoticed; a scuff mark that began to flake, a dent that began to crack. But soon the Rust was spreading fast.

The Rust epidemic is rumored to be the work of the mysterious Rust King.

The Rust is enveloping AniMechs, swelling the ranks of the Rust King's army who do his bidding by battling the remaining AniMechs of Shine Planet.

Why are we battling Rusty AniMechs ?

If the AniMechs don't make a stand against the Rust King and his Army then Shine Planet and the AniMech's way of life will be lost forever.

The remaining six core AniMech tribes have fled the wave of destruction caused by the Rust King and his ever growing Rust King army. They gathered together inside the walls of the last AniMech stronghold, Shine City.

Here in newly claimed districts they train, battle and defend under the banner of an uneasy truce.

Perhaps if the six core AniMechs can unite and combine their abilities they will have a chance of becoming strong enough to make a stand against the Rust King's legions.

Only then will they form the Inochi: legendary cross breed AniMechs, a mastery of all AniMech abilities in one. Powerful enough to battle the rusty AniMechs and free them.

It's time: Beat Rust or Bust!

Who is the Rust King ?

No one knows exactly who the Rust King is, where he came from or why he is determined to destroy all the AniMechs on Shine Planet.

All we know is that he and his growing army can be stopped only by a powerful Inochi AniMech who has mastered all abilities!

How do the battles work ?

Battles in Inochi Project are turn based. The player takes a turn attacking their opponent and then has to defend whilst the opponent launches its attack. Every round the player completes a microgame which influences how successful the turn will be.

The opponents fall to three levels:

  • Bronze - Easiest enemy. The player begins the fight against Bronze.
  • Silver - Tough cookies. The player will need to unlock the perfect Bronze abilities to battle Silver well.
  • Gold - Most powerful enemy. The player must be equipped with many Silver parts to stand a chance of victory.

The AniMech's moves are triggered by selecting from the move bar at the bottom of the screen.

Each body part of the AniMech triggers a different move. Adding limbs from other AniMechs in the Customiser will make those moves available in battle.

As the Bronze arenas are beaten and the player battles in Silver arenas, the Silver parts won have more ability points and a greater impact in the battle. By equipping Silver or Gold parts AniMech moves will become much more powerful.

The winner is the AniMech that knocks all the power out of their opponent's charge bar. When a battle is won the player will be rewarded with Blips and sometimes unlocking new limbs or arenas.

How do I select a move in a battle ?

Moves in Inochi Project are selected from the move bar at the bottom left of the screen during battles.

The move bar has a button for each of the six AniMech limbs. Clicking on a button triggers the move and the player has to complete a microgame to determine the power of the move.

Each button shows:

the limb it represents - the bottom right icon;

the ability it represents - the image in the centre;

and the quality of the move - Bronze, Silver or Gold border.

Each move takes some time to recharge before it can be used again. Recharge takes longer for Silver and Gold moves so plan carefully!

How do I win more battles ?

Choosing the right AniMech parts will always give greater success in battle.

Each AniMech type has its own ability (see What is an AniMech). A player could be faced with a Rabbit opponent which will have the Luck ability. The Cog of Dominance shows that Intelligence beats Luck

so to win against Rabbit the player needs to have parts from Croc.

When first playing Inochi Project the AniMech will always have the strongest ability against its first opponent, but as new arenas are unlocked with different opponents this will change. Limbs won battling in the first arena will give ability points needed to fight the Rust opponent found in the second arena. Using the Customiser and equipping new parts is important!

The quality - Bronze, Silver or Gold - of a part affects how useful it is. To begin with the player and Rust opponents are all Bronze quality. When all six Bronze arenas have been beaten the first Silver opponents will appear. Silver parts work better than Bronze in attack and defence, and later on Gold works even more.

Battling the first Silver Rust opponent requires using the Cog of Dominance wisely; a Silver Rust opponent is a powerful enemy for a Bronze AniMech to battle so an AniMech with the perfect Cog of Dominance abilities is essential. Battling additional Silver opponents will be helped by having Silver parts too!

Each AniMech type has particular microgames so learning the challenges, or picking AniMech limbs with microgames you are good at could help your microgame rating and how well you attack or defend.

What are microgames ?

Microgames are short challenges that appear every battle move. They might test coordination, reaction times or quick thinking, but be fast and try to get them right first time. These influence how well the attack or defence will work!

There are four results:

  • Perfect - Well, perfect! This has the most effect and will often be necessary against tricky opponents.
  • Rockin' - Very good. Not perfect, but pretty good especially against weaker opponents.
  • Super - This is ok, you're getting there but practice is required.
  • Good try - This will land the weakest of blows or block the least incoming damage. Keep going and you'll soon improve!

How do I get new parts ?

AniMech parts are unlocked as prizes for winning battles and will be shown as New the next time in the Customiser. Clicking on the new part will exchange it for Blips and allow it to be equipped on the AniMech. If there aren't enough Blips available more can be earned by winning battles

The part unlocked by winning battles depends on the Rust opponent being fought. Fighting Rust Pandas will unlock Panda parts and there are six limbs for each AniMech: Head, Body, Left Arm, Right Arm, Legs and Tail.

What are Blips and MechCoins (currency) ?

Blips and MechCoins are the game currencies used in Inochi Project.

Blips are dropped for the player to pick up during battles, are awarded for winning or losing, and are given at special in-game events. Blips are used to purchase limbs unlocked during battles so they become available in the Customiser to equip.

MechCoins are the premium currency and are earned more rarely through winning special battles or achievements. Soon it will be possible to purchase MechCoins through the game or via the App.

Can I battle my friends ?

Inochi Project is a single player game but we are working really hard to make the multiplayer version. In multiplayer you will be able to battle your friends or other Inochi Project players from around the world.

In the multiplayer version there will be leaderboards for the 'Top Inochi' battler of the day and for 'Inochi Legends' who have played the game for longer and earned global rankings as well as other exciting features.

We're really excited about multiplayer so please keep checking back for the latest updates or enter your email address below to be kept updated.