Welcome to Inochi

What is Inochi?

Inochi is a fun and exciting online, turn based, battling game where your child can create, customise and play as interchangeable robot animals called AniMechs. Inochi follows the story of the AniMechs as they battle the Rust King and undertake an adventure to discover the reason why their once beautiful world is slowly being turned into rusted gloom.

Your child can:

  • Enjoy choosing from a range of beautifully animated AniMechs, each with their own ability and personality,
  • Pick their favourite moves to try and drain the charge of their Rust opponent before they need recharging themselves,
  • Practice their skills at the short microgames which influence how successful their attack or defence moves are,
  • Unlock new parts, earn MechCoins and discover hidden worlds with each victory,
  • Use their knowledge of the different Inochi in the Customiser to create new AniMechs, choosing from the parts and abilities they unlock by winning battles to make AniMechs that will triumph over the huge range of opponents they will face.

Inochi can be enjoyed by casual players who enjoy the excitement of seeing their Rabbit AniMech jumping with joy after propelling huge carrots across the arena in a Carrockets splat, or who want to build beautiful AniMech hybrids in the Customiser.

Inochi also provides a deeper challenge for players who want to learn the differing abilities and how they fare against each other, who want to plan and build custom AniMechs to improve their chance of winning and who enjoy practicing their speed and coordination to prevail in the microgames.


Your child's online safety is paramount. Many of the team behind Inochi have children of their own and we strive to protect every player with the same vigilance we apply when our own children are online.

  • We ask parents to register the account with their email address for verification.
  • We only ask for the minimal registration information required for account activation
  • We never ask for your child's real name or contact details. There is no ability for players to contact each other and we block attempts at using email addresses as player names.

We want your child to have an awesome time playing Inochi, but we also want parents to feel comfortable with them being online and playing our game.

You can help inform your child about online safety by asking your child to follow the tips below:

  • Never share your user name or password with anyone, except your parents. Someone else might use your password and pretend to be you
  • Choose a nickname that doesn't give away your real name, or location.

There are also various organisations who provide more detailed information, tips and discussions about online safety that we would encourage you to explore, such as:


There are no charges to play Inochi. As players win battles they will unlock new game items which can be redeemed with MechCoins, the in-game currency awarded for playing. MechCoins are earned by playing, and it is also possible to purchase them for real money using App Store/Google Play but this is always optional. Registering a game account and playing Inochi will always remain free.


We want to hear your thoughts and experiences of playing our game so that we can continue to make a great online experience. If you have any questions, comments or feedback please get in touch using the form below.